The Quiff Haircut

The quiff haircut is most well-known as a classic look worn by Elvis Presley, James Dean, and Morrissey. Sometimes the quiff is mistaken for the pompadour but hair  brushed up and back from the forehead is what defines a quiff. 

There are plenty of modern hairstyles for men that include a peaked quiff. There is the always popular faux hawk, the aforementioned pomp with some extra height, and some even newer styles. That height at the forehead is flattering for everyone, especially guys with round faces.

Every quiff haircut is longer at the forehead, with shorter hair at the sides and back. A quiff can be added to textured crop, spiky look, or any type of fade haircut. Hair can be short or medium length, just pull it up at the forehead. The quiff can be all the way across or pulled into a point.

Here are just a few ways to wear the quiff haircut. Make it your own with some messy styling, a pointed peak, or spikes. Here are just a few ways to rock the modern quiff.

quiff haircut

There are two ways to get that signature volume at the hairline. For short hair and messy styles, it’s all about product. A dab of the right pomade worked into almost dry can hold hair all day long.

For longer hair or more elaborate quiffs, train hair into place with a blow dryer before applying product. This ensures the ultimate volume and requires a fraction of the pomade for hold.

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